Authenticating physical products in seconds, anywhere, anytime.

Our mobile application provide a secure, fast, simple and affordable authentication service. Brands and their customers don't need to worry about counterfeits anymore thanks to our unique solution based on IoT and blockchain NFTs



Art Collection

Artists can expose their work in the international markets. Sell their physical NFTs for fiat or cryptocurrencies.

Wine & Wiskey

Wine and spirits producers can protect their most exclusive selection with our service. Beside being able to propose exclusive content, you can get post sales data.


Collectors and brands can better understand the secondary market of shoes, cards, car spare parts. Also, they can finally have a digital certificate for its provenance.


One only needs to swipe their smartphone to certify its authenticity...


... And one click to acquire the goods and its ownership digital certificate. 


We provide the product and the service to prove your bicycle belongs to you. fighting against the worldwide pandemic of bike theft.

Our Team 

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships." Join us! 

Jean-Loïc Mugnier

CTO Founder

Computer science engineer specialized in security, he participated in the Antibes Smart City project with SAP Labs. Also, he has worked with Accenture Technology and Accenture Security with major industry clients. Working with blockchain technology since 2017.

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