IoT and Blockchain NFTs to ensure product authenticity

Niftag securely authenticates physical products thanks to a unique combination of innovative technologies: IoT devices, blockchain NFTs and a secure cryptographic protocol.        1 - IoT devices have the capability of connecting physical assets to the digital world.       2 - NFTs are the representation of an asset on the blockchain. Thanks to the blockchain design, NFTs cannot be stolen and therefore they provide a proof of ownership,  traceability and provenance.        3 - Last but not least, Niftag developed an industry grade protocol for protecting the link between the asset and the NFT. This protocol uses military grade cryptographic algorithms and protects against all kinds of attacks.  Develop your online sales and improve brand image by providing mechanisms to your end customers. They will trust your products without relying on external, expensive and time consuming authentication services.  Niftag also provides an unprecedented stream of data.  Brands can now  better understand how end customers interact with their product, after products leave the stores.


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Military grade cryptography


Scan your products anywhere, anytime



We authenticate your physical asset by uniquely and securely associating it to a Blockchain NFT.


End customers will get all the information about ownership history, brand, product or collection details, anything shared by the creator and owners.

Post Sales Data

 We provide after sales data on end customers interacting with your product.

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Authentication at the tip of your smartphone.

Soon, your favorite smartphone application for the physical products. Authenticating, retrieving products exclusive details, pricing history, ownership and much more!